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Hey there,

I've been told I'm the sex educator folks wish they had

It's true - I wish I had me when I was growing up too. My name is Jess (she/her) and I am that person who loves to talk about all things taboo. Because..why not? Like many folks, I did not grow up having access to any type of sex education. The only type of conversation I had about sex was - we don't talk about it. When the topic did come up, it mostly involed sex-negative and shame-based information. As an Aries, you cannot tell me what to do. Through my rebellion, I become more curious about sex and sexuality. 

Real Talk With Jess is the go-to place for honest and informative conversations about sex. Young people have the right to be curious and ask questions about sex and sexuality. Having a non-judgmental and safe adult in a young person's life can help foster those intimate conversations. My goal is to make sure that everyone has the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about their bodies, and feel confident and empowered doing it! Through my humor, honesty, and shame-free approach, I'm able to bring my sex positive perspective into the classrooms. Edutainer over here.

I am committed to fighting for the rights of young people. Right-wing extremists have targeted sex education in the United States for years, but they cannot take away our right to a safe and healthy future. I will not be silenced and stand by while our youth are denied the right to be informed. Are we on the same page? Let's work together and have some real talk.

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