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Jess is a Sexual Health Educator who is deeply passionate about educating and empowering youth about comprehensive sexual health and advocating for their reproductive health rights.

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Sex educators across the country are asking the same question: "How do I talk about porn with youth?" Access this free event as Jess Melendez (Adolescent Programs Health Educator, San Ysidro Health Teen Clinic) and Sarah Diamond (Associate Director of Prevention and Education, University of San Diego) join our Kirby Summit team to discuss how to address porn with young people while creating a shame-free & sex positive environment.

Learn 3 actionable tips in 30 minutes to use in your role as an educator, public health professional, or clinical staff member. 


Birds, Bees...Porn?!

An Interactive Porn Literacy Book for Teens

By Jess Melendez
Illustrated by Remy Alva

Anticipated 2023