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Providing trusted adults the tools to confidently engage youth.

Jess is a Sexual Health Educator who is deeply passionate about educating and empowering youth about comprehensive sexual health and advocating for their reproductive rights. Her specialty educational topics include media and porn literacy.


Exposure to pornography is a real issue teens face today. Learn how to be a safe adult and talk to teens about the misconceptions of sex and sexuality mainstream porn depicts.

Jess offers presentations for youth and workshops for parents and educators to better understand porn literacy.

Porn Literacy.

Why do young people need this?


View range of sexual health workshops such as porn literacy, gender and sexual orientation, and much more.


Dive into this comprehenive guide to porn literacy for teens!




Unlock the secrets to more effective conversations with youth and be confident in your approach.


Birds, Bees, and Porn?!

An interactive porn literacy book for teens.

By Jess Melendez

Illustrated by Remy Alva

An interactive porn literacy book for youth. This book dispels the myths surrounding sex and sexuality that mainstream porn depicts. It encourages critical thinking about the messages and images found in porn through interactive activities, self-reflective questions, and much more. It provides an opportunity for teens to express their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences surrounding porn - because they got em!

Connect With Me

I'd love to hear from you! Send me any inquiries/comments you have. If you're interested in submitting a workshop request, fill out the request form here. For professional development trainings, fill out the request form here. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.

Thank you!

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